IGS4-S™ sighting system
  • The IGS-4S™ is a below armour, compact, day-night video sighting system for armoured and tactical vehicles.
  • The IGS-4S™ can be used with ammunition calibres ranging from 7.62mm up to 125mm.
  • Separate gunner- and commander displays, with identical visuals, enhance tactical observation and target acquisition.
  • The IGS-4S™ is a lightweight, cost-effective solution with low impact on the space inside the vehicle.

Technical Data



Day Channel

Colour DSP

Field of view
Resolution >550 lines
Digital zoom capability 3 times
Display 230 x 200 x 65mm
Optronic payload 170 x 120 x 250mm
Night Channel
Uncooled TI module 5° HFOV
Spectral range  8-14μm
Sensor Uncooled microbolometer
LRF (typical specifications)
Measuring distance range 2500m on target (2.3 x 2.3m reflectivity 30%)
Distance accuracy Within 5m of actual range


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