Rippel VK rows
  • Optimised for both 7.62mm LMG and 12.7mm HMG (feeding from the left or right)
  • Aim, Cock and Fire from under armour.
  • Weight: <150kg (excl. weapon and ammunition).
  • Low current draw <50A max.

Technical Data




Weapon Interface 7.62mm LMG and 12.7mm HMG
Stabilisation <±3mrad
Ready rounds Up to 236 rounds
Method of fire Single Shot and Burst
Traverse 360° arc of traverse in <24 seconds
Elevation +45° to -20° over the full range of traverse
Position sensors Reporting mount angular position with accuracy of <1mrad
Weapon control Remote cocking and trigger mechanism
Human Machine Interface (HMI) Rate command for gun drive systems from handgrip, system status, weapon cock- and fire command, ammunition load interface
Gunner HMI Incorporates switches and on-screen messages, ballistic laser aiming mark, LRF aiming mark and weapon position indicator
Controls Screen control functions included in 2 axis handgrip as alternative to the control switches mounted on the screen.
Weapon Control Panel Power ON/OFF with safety interlock.  ARM/SAFE with safety interlock, COCK, LOAD, BURST/SINGLE selection.
Height 935mm
Width 900mm
Weight (nominal) 150 Kg excluding weapon and ammunition
Power consumption 50A peak 20A continuous @ 24V dc
Safety Software fire inhibit zones. “Half-cock” when in SAFE mode to prevent discharge.

Sighting System

Day Camera Colour camera with 5°HfoV and 3 x digital Zoom
Thermal Imager Uncooled microbolometer, Spectral range 8- 14μm, 5° Horizontal Field of View Resolution 384 x 288 pixels and 2 x Digital Zoom
Laser Range Finder Eye safe. Ranging capability of 2000m on NATO size Target