Extended range multi-shot grenade launcher. 40mm. Rippel Effect.
  • The XRGL40® is specifically designed as a lightweight, individually operated, shoulder fired, extended range grenade launcher system.
  • The various ammunition options allow the operational commander extreme flexibility in tactical offensive and defensive application in all theatres of operation.
  • Can fire all listed ammunition types without any mechanical changes to the launcher.
  • Both GRN40® and GR40™ sighting systems are specifically designed for 40mm grenade launchers (40mm MGL) and enhances increased first hit probability and accuracy.

Technical Data



Calibre 40mm
Length 680mm
Length with stock extended 760mm
Weight (unloaded) 5kg
Height (without sight) 210mm
Width 160mm
Length of barrel 260mm
Length of cylinder 140mm
Ammunition types


Less lethal


Effective range

375m with 40 x 46mm low velocity ammunition

600m with 40 x 46mm low velocity extended range ammunition

800m with 40 x 51mm medium velocity ammunition

Type specific for less lethal and pyrotechnic ammunition

Rifling R.H twist, progressing from 0 to 1 turn in 1.2m
Magazine type Rotating cylinder
Cylinder capacity 6 rounds of less than 140mm in length
Mode of fire Semi-automatic
Advance mechanism Gas operated (VPPD™)
Surface finish Gunkote
Sight Systems

GRN40® Mechanical, Multi-Velocity Reflex Sighting System or

GR40™ Programmable, Electronic, Multi-Velocity Reflex Sighting System


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