Rippel Less Lethal Launcher. 40mm, 37/38mm. Multi-shot
  • Light weight at only 3.8kg.
  • Cylinder advances mechanically. No gas or pump action required (patent pending).
  • Cylinder stop prevents overwinding.
  • Round selection forwards and backwards without opening the launcher.
  • Modular design makes on-site maintenance possible.
  • Adjustable butt-stock with 3 length settings and 2 angle adjustment positions.

Technical Data



Calibre 40mm
Length 730mm
Length with stock extended  800mm
Weight (unloaded)  3.8kg
Height 225mm
Width 155mm
Length of barrel 260mm
Length of cylinder  140mm
Magazine type Rotating cylinder
Cylinder capacity  Six rounds
Mode of fire Semi-automatic
Gun break Rotating rear. Can be configured for RH or LH opening
Safety mechanism Sliding block
Sight Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913) with open sight
Grips and stock Supplied with standard AR grips and stock
Surface finish Black


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