Rippel VK rows
  • Full remote operation (cock, fire, sighting and reloading from under armour).
  • Integrated video bore sighting capability.
  • 500 round capacity with ready round counter.

Technical Data



Weapon Interface 12.7mm HMG
Stabilisation <±3mrad
Ready rounds Up to 500 rounds
Method of fire Single Shot and Burst
Traverse n X 360° arc of traverse in <8 seconds
Elevation +45° to -15° over the full range of traverse
Position sensors Reporting mount angular position with accuracy of <1mrad
Weapon control Remote cocking and trigger mechanism
Man Machine Interface (MMI) ROWS Servo commands, System Status, Weapon Cock- and Fire Command Ammunition load interface
Gunner MMI Incorporates switches and on-screen messages, Ballistic laser aiming mark, LRF aiming mark and Weapon position indicator
Controls Optronic control functions included in 2 axis handgrip
Weapon Control Panel Cocking, Rate of Firing and Safety Interlock
Height 635mm Above roof
Depth inside vehicle 290mm Below roof
Width 850mm
Weight (nominal) 250kg including Sight, Weapon and 100 Rounds of Ammunition
Power consumption 140A peak 5A continuous @ 24V dc

Safety interlock to prevent discharge, Software fire inhibit zones

12.7 Armour piercing rounds protection on mount structure and payload

Sighting System

Day Camera Colour camera with 5°HfoV and 3 x Digital Zoom
Thermal Imager Uncooled microbolometer, Spectral range 8- 12μm, 5° Horizontal Field of View Resolution 384 x 288 pixels and 2 x Digital Zoom
Laser Range Finder Eye safe. Ranging capability of 2000m on NATO size Target


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